Thursday, November 18, 2010

Idk if I'm sick or what, but im always tired, ive had a headache since yesterday and im angry due to the other two things. works a pain in the ass because there isnt enough work for me to stay busy. So I find myself feeling like my 9h days last a week. I can't shake the feeling that people are going to wrong me. mainly the girlfriend, IDK why shes never given me reason to think she would be unfaithful but I am paranoid and its happened before to me so i guess i just expect the worst. my paranoia causes problems and fights. like how she will go out to the clubs with her friends, doesnt ask if i wanna go but if i bring it up she will say i can go and i tell her i dont want a pity invite so i stay home and brood. Yet when I ask her to come out with me and my friend who is coming down this weekend from out of town she starts with excuses. IDK.

All that said this weekend should be fun.

unlike today, Ive got to go to work and get chastised for not working hard enough with broken equipment and nothing to use it on

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